Strategic Investment Framework – Part 3 Projects Report

By robb, July 20, 2010 7:29 am

After two years of public input and technical review, and a thorough review of plans and studies conducted over the past decade, the Projects Report for the Strategic Investment Framework is complete.  This document provides a framework for public and private investments to enhance the quality of life and vitality for the Minnehaha-Hiawatha corridor.

The document is very large, but it can be downloaded below in smaller pieces:

Strategic Investment Report

Table of Contents / Overview
Chapter 1: Corridor Background
Chapter 2: Livable Corridor Vision and Strategies
Chapter 3: Diagonal Concept
Chapter 4: Projects Introduction
Chapter 4: Corridorwide Projects – 1
Chapter 4: Corridorwide Projects – 2
Chapter 4: Minnehaha Avenue Projects
Chapter 4: Hiawatha and Freight Rail Projects
Chapter 4: Lake Street Diagonal Projects
Chapter 4: 38th Street Diagonal Projects
Chapter 4: 46th Street Diagonal Projects

Hard copies are available for review at the following locations (please contact the neighborhood associations to confirm hours and availability):

Comments or questions can be directed to:

Robb Luckow – 612.348.9344

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