CAC Meeting 6-19-08

By admin, July 9, 2008 9:42 pm

Minnehaha-Hiawatha Strategic Development Framework
CAC Meeting Notes
Dunn Brothers Coffee – 4648 East Lake Street
19 June 2008

Attendees: CAC members Lisa Middag, Greg Toltzman, Steve Krause, Ed Leaf, Dan Swenson, Sam Newberg, and Karl Stoerzinger (unable to attend: Jamie Buss, Judy Correo); County project manager Robb Luckow; public participation consultant Anne Carroll.

1.      Introductions: Round-robin getting to know each others’ backgrounds and interests

  • Notes: Information about CAC members will be compiled into short profiles with photos and posted on the project website

2.      Kickoff follow-up: Process or content questions from Kickoff and related materials

3.      Stakeholder Engagement Plan:

a.       Review updated version based on stakeholder changes from 5/19/08 meeting

b.      Determine planning/sequencing/priorities for stakeholder engagement

c.       Clarify CAC member roles in stakeholder engagement

d.      Discuss options to piggy-back on any upcoming community events

  • Notes: See separate, updated Stakeholder Engagement Plan. CAC members will be actively involved as proxies to make connections with various stakeholders, help organize input opportunities, and in some cases may help facilitate input sessions.

4.      Agree on process and methods of reporting back to the public, including website update

  • Notes: See separate, updated Stakeholder Engagement Plan. We will also be piggy-backing on a number of significant community events and activities especially this summer and fall. CAC member Karl Stoerzinger will set up a Google calendar for CAC members to post information on events that may be of value to this process; once decisions are made, all stakeholder engagement activities will be posted on the website.

5.      Housekeeping:

a.       Arrange for CAC member introductions and photos/videos on website

  • Notes: See item 1 above

b.      Establish CAC meeting protocols around time, place, agendas, guests, documentation, etc.

  • Notes: CAC meetings will move around the study area to demonstrate our commitment to engaging all stakeholders. Meeting information will be posted on the project website. People are welcome to attend CAC meetings but CAC members will make clear that these meetings are where they do their work to ensure that stakeholders are engaged, but actual engagement is not the purpose of these meetings. They will sometimes invite guests to make presentations or answer questions. Agendas and summary notes for CAC meetings will be posted on the project website.

c.       Confirm next meeting details

  • June 30, 5-7 pm; location TBD
  • Notes: Per the decision in 5b above, the next meeting will be in either Standish-Ericsson or Corcoran, with CAC members Sam Newberg and Karl Stoerzinger responsible for finding and communicating the location decision
  • Agenda items:
  • Review compiled stakeholder input to date
  • Continue planning stakeholder engagement
  • May invite a guest from one of the project research teams

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