CAC Meeting 5-29-08

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Minnehaha-Hiawatha Strategic Development Framework
CAC Meeting Notes
Hiawatha School Recreation Center – 4305 42nd St. East
29 May 2008

This Kickoff meeting of the Community Advisory Committee was held jointly with the Technical Advisory Committee. It was organized and facilitated by Anne Carroll of the project team.

1. Welcome and Introductions
Community Advisory Committee
Technical Advisory Committee

2. AGENDA ITEM: Project and Community Works Background
Hennepin County project manager Robb Luckow made a verbal presentation during the workshop (see video), referencing the Project Overview.

3. AGENDA ITEM: P2 Commitment, Process, and Role Overview
IAP2 Spectrum and Core Values: Anne Carroll reviewed this guiding document and explained that the County has committed to the P2 goal and promise to the public shown in the “collaborate” column. That decision drives the P2 work of the CAC and the consulting team, and is very exciting.
P2 Process Overview: This provides a high level overview of the public participation (P2) for this project, clarifying the CAC’s role, timing, and so on.

4. AGENDA ITEM: Stakeholder ID and Analysis:
Stakeholders are individuals or groups that have an interest in or are affected by this project. We discussed the wide variety of stakeholders for this project, and that the CAC will help guide stakeholder engagement. Those easiest to engage are those that begin with high interest in or high power over the work, including groups such as the community councils, the county, the city, local electeds, and so on. We will also reach out to stakeholders who are not as connected at this point but whose voices we agree should be heard; these may include youth, elders, renters, non-native English speakers, and others. Those decisions will be reflected in ongoing updates of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

6. AGENDA ITEM: Next Steps and Logistics
We discussed possible meeting times and locations, and those will be posted to the website as they are scheduled. CAC meetings are open, but as this is when the Committee does its work, visitors are welcome to attend but will not be included as part of the meeting. Stakeholder input will be conducted separately and outside these meetings.

CAC members Lisa Middag and Dan Swenson

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