CAC Meeting, 10-6-08

By admin, October 5, 2008 11:38 pm

Minnehaha-Hiawatha Strategic Development Framework
CAC Meeting Notes
Hiawatha Joe - 4135 Hiawatha Avenue
6 October 2008

1.     Welcome and convene: Patrick Connoy

2.      Introductions/reintroductions of everyone

3.      Review agenda

4.      As needed: Review CAC norms

5.      Updates, new community input, upcoming input sessions:

  • Results, Midtown Farmers’ Market input
  • Meeting with Minneapolis Lutheran Synod representatives
  • Results, Bethany Lutheran Church Adult Forum
  • Results, updated web survey input through 5 October 2008
  • Upcoming input sessions:
  • Business input via Lake Street Council and Longfellow Business Association (Steve Krause, Dan Swenson)
  • Homeowners/housing advocates (Greg Toltzman, Lisa Middag)
  • Faith communities (Anne Carroll)
  • Neighborhood Development Committee (LCC)-hosted input session: See work item below
  • Presentations at three community council fall Annual Meetings: Updates from Ed, Karl, Sam
  • Corridor resident mailing and list availability (Patrick Connoy)
  • Blast email to everyone from whom we have an email address (Anne, Robb)

6.      Planning work item: Make final design decisions for 11/12/08 Community Input Session

7.      Other issues, ideas, opportunities, or recommendations from CAC members?

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