CAC Meeting, 03/18/09

By robb, March 24, 2009 3:12 pm

Minnehaha-Hiawatha Strategic Development Framework
CAC Meeting Notes
Lake Hiawatha Recreation Center – 2701 44th St. E
18 March 2009 / 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Attending: CAC members Judy Corrao, Greg Toltzman, Dan Swenson, Sam Newberg, Karl Stoerzinger, Marcea Mariani; CAC members unable to attend Lisa Middag, Steve Krause, Jamie Buss; County staff Patrick Connoy and Robb Luckow; consulting team members Mark Koegler and Anne Carroll

1.   Welcome, Introductions, and Norms

2.  Data Compilation:  Mark Koegler, HKGi

  • Reviewed overall process as we enter the next phase focusing on issues and priorities, noting that community input continues throughout the entire project but begins to change form over the next couple of months
  • Data compilation is still in draft form as some of the data are not yet finalized; note that this is a compilation of information from existing studies, plans, etc., rather than an entirely new study or research; it does include information from work that is part of this corridor project, including public input to date, results from business, environmental, and cultural studies
  • Discussed outline for compilation and explained content, then reviewed a subsection about bicycle mobility as an example
  • CAC’s role prior to and during the next meeting is to provide some feedback; specifically, input on measuring future success as well as what is missing


  • CAC will have two weeks to review the complete draft of the Data Compilation, in preparation for a CAC meeting in mid-April
  • For editorial issues and various suggestions that don’t need group discussion, individuals will mark up their own copies with editorial suggestions and will submit their marked-up copies to HKGi to process
  • For the “measures of future success” that are critical to the long-term evaluation of these corridor investments, the CAC’s insights will be especially important; CAC members will submit their recommendations for these two days prior to the next meeting and the compilation will form the basis for our discussion
  • At that same CAC meeting, members will offer information on what they think is missing

3. Issue Identification Framework:  Mark Koegler, HKGi

  • Reviewed format for Issues/Problems Summary that currently is in matrix form and includes an issue description and sources, related vision or value and sources, any proposed solutions and sources, and indicators or measures
  • This is not yet complete

4. Public Process:  Community Input on Issue Priorities

Discussion of community conversations, videos, e-input:

  • For community conversations, schedule these by those that inform short- and mid-term County investment options
  • Bundle some of the topics to reduce the number of community conversations and aim for at least 6
  • Pre-organize issues into short-, medium-, and long-term
  • For communications for videos, add libraries and community council offices and could also consider doing in other languages
  • Promote community conversations in Messenger; consider a feature article about the canvassing effort along with photos

Discussion of residential knock-and-drop: Aim for April 18, with participation by CAC members, block club leaders, LCC’s flyering network, county staff, TAC members

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