Hiawatha Avenue Crossing Improvements

By robb, February 27, 2012 10:54 am

April 18: Traffic may be reduced to one lane on Hiawatha Avenue and turn lanes may be closed during the median work.  One lane of Hiawatha will remain open.  Construction will be limited to non-peak hours.

April 12, 2014

Construction will begin on Tuesday, April 15th, starting with median work at 32nd Street.  The contractors will work their way south with the median work at 38th Street, 42nd Street, and 46th Street.  The median work is scheduled to take approximately three weeks.  Once the median work is completed construction will move to the side streets.

What is the project area? Hiawatha Avenue at 32nd, 38th, 42nd, and 46th streets.

Why is this project being done? Hiawatha Avenue is a difficult street to cross by foot, bike, wheelchair, or motor vehicle.  High vehicle speeds, wide crossing distances, short crossing times, and LRT signal pre-emption have contributed to the difficult pedestrian and bicyclist environment.  At the same time, the addition of the LRT line has added more pedestrians and bikers to the area.  Improving the pedestrian and bike experience across Hiawatha Avenue was one of the priority projects identified in the Minnehaha-Hiawatha Community Works project.

Who is involved? This project is being funded by Hennepin County, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the City of Minneapolis.

What is being done? This project aims to make it easier and more comfortable for walkers and bikers to cross Hiawatha Avenue at these intersections. Improvements will include:

  • Adding bump-outs at some corners to reduce the distance across Hiawatha Avenue.  Bump outs can also reduce traffic speeds.
  • Providing more walk time for people to cross Hiawatha Avenue
  • Making the crosswalks more visible
  • Upgrading the crosswalks to meet new ADA requirements
  • Adding bike enhancements at key locations
  • Adding wider medians at some locations to provide a more comfortable place to stand for people who cannot make it across the entire intersection.

Other Information

32nd Street layout
38th Street layout
42nd Street layout
46th Street layout

March 2012 Presentation from Open Houses

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