National Night Out, 08-05-08

By admin, September 9, 2008 12:54 am

The Community Advisory Committee and project team used National Night Out to provide information about this project to thousands of area residents and to gather input from those who wanted to offer ideas. Working in partnership with the Minneapolis Police Department, Block Club leaders throughout the project area received an initial request to help, and then in early August received instructions, copies of a handout with project information and a short survey, and preprinted envelopes. They handed out the information to their neighbors at the National Night Out celebrations and in the 13 neighborhoods where people completed the surveys, Block Club leaders collected them and mailed them back to the project team in the postage-paid envelopes. Below is what people had to say in response to the survey question: What kinds of improvements do you think would create a more vibrant community and increase your quality of life?


  • Plant boulevard trees before elms die to get a better start
  • Green space on the “triangle” at Minnehaha and 35th
  • Try to covert the old industrial building space to community-friendly and aesthetic businesses
  • The Hi-Lake Shopping Center should be a highlight of the area. It is extremely unfortunate that the color scheme, businesses, etc., are not as attractive as they should be to promote the neighborhood. I wish it was as well designed as the Franklin Avenue development.
  • Do a better job of controlling graffiti and crime in the area and on residential buildings
  • Keep alleys neater
  • Continue with plans to make the 40th St Greenway; I am a happy gardener and will help with the flowers; continue with plans to make 40th St a greenway
  • Community garden plots
  • Improved air quality and water quality
  • $50,000 fountains are irresponsible; it should not be passed and yet it did; there could be many other needed projects for the $300,000 plus; the city council and mayor should be ashamed if you ask me for passing it; why don’t you pay for them individually if you want them?


  • More gatherings, do more stuff as a community
  • Longfellow community festival of some sort (like Powderhorn art fair) for community participation
  • More communication among neighbors to support seniors, children, etc.
  • Community-based skill cooperatives (I know plumbing/you know sewing)
  • Neighborhood or ward-based renewable energy initiatives (solar/wind)
  • More recycling awareness
  • No fire pits that pollute the air
  • Better enforcement of noise ordinance
  • Locally grown food for distribution
  • Higher expectations of teens
  • Politicians need to be made accountable; I’ll never vote for McLaughlin again!


  • More awareness of children’s security (ex: dangerous dogs)
  • More police on foot and bike from the Greenway to Lake especially in North Longfellow
  • Visible walking police from the precinct to the River and from 26th to the River to deter car and home break ins
  • More police “visible”
  • Citizen call boxes – i.e., “panic button”
  • Better lighting at Longfellow School Park
  • Better lighting on the streets
  • Cameras on the Greenway; security cameras
  • More neighborhood lookouts for sex offenders and gang members
  • We had two cars stolen and broken into in three months; I do day care and I’m usually here to watch. I did catch 1 trying to take my 15-passenger van, and he did over $500 worth of damage; insurance did not cover and he got away


  • Need affordable housing – retired and middle class are being phased out – please stop this!
  • Too-expensive condos and apartments in or near Hiawatha Ave


  • Safer bike routes – not on major thoroughfares!
  • Bike lanes that continue along Minnehaha all the way to the Greenway
  • Promote the corridor as a walking-biking route; it is a great strip of wide pavement and very efficient to travel SE-NW
  • Improve the pedestrian friendliness of the area especially around 46th and Hiawatha
  • If you consider Minnehaha part of the corridor I suggest considering roundabouts instead of stop lights on Minnehaha
  • Please do something about the timing of the lights when the light rail train is going to be crossing an intersection especially for the people westbound trying to cross Hiawatha!! I have to wait up to 6 minutes, as one train goes north and then another goes south. One suggestion would be to shorten the north-south lights on Hiawatha instead of letting them have one or two entire cycles (and sometimes three cycles!)
  • Fix the lights on Hiawatha so Hiawatha traffic does not have to stop at every light; let the cross traffic go after the train passes the later station
  • Shorten the cross traffic lights at some intersections to 10 seconds
  • Shorten the Hiawatha traffic lights to 30 seconds
  • We need more public parking lots near the South Mpls light rail stations!! It’s not fair to the neighbors to give up their parking spots to train commuters, but at the same time, it should be easier to “park and ride.” Hint. Hint. Tear down some falling-down, foreclosed properties and create parking lots.
  • Provide more parking for light rail at 38th, etc and Lake St.
  • People speed down 23rd Ave! We need a 4-way stop at 37th and 23rd Ave. We have funerals and the nursing home, and many older people can’t get across the way people speed down! Then they honk and yell obscenities.
  • One-way streets in North Longfellow need improvement; make more one-way streets
  • Install yellow blinking arrows at all the right turns on Hiawatha. Thousands of cars sit idling every day at intersections and there is no one moving because the green light traffic has moved off in a bunch and there are no cars following the first bunch. This would reduce pollution even more than having the train has done. I love the train.

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