Minneapolis Police Department – 3rd Precinct, 05-07-08

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This session was organized by Minneapolis Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist Don Greely, who invited other Crime Prevention Specialists and police lieutenants to attend. The purpose of this session was to gather a police perspective on crime and safety within the Minnehaha-Hiawatha corridor, and new ideas about the future potential of the area. Participants were asked to identify crime and safety concerns in the corridor and to identify infrastructure investments that could address some of these concerns. The session was facilitated by project team member Anne Carroll and Humphrey Institute Capstone students.


Crime centered around transit stations
• Station safety
• Need restricted access to and from LRT stations:  (1) Good visual cameras at stations (2) Crime concentrated on the transition from the station to the neighborhoods (2-3 blocks from stations)
• Crimes occurs when people come to and from LRT stations and bus stops – in route
• Graffiti at transit stations-perception of fear
• Between 23rd and 21st
• Bar by LRT station
• Concentration of people at LRT (east and west) at LRT increases crime
• Hiawatha corridor crime related to LRT

Other crime and safety issues
• Need clear sight lines to reduce crime
• LRT; need more public parking at stations
• Poor street lighting especially near grain elevators
• Commuter parking in neighborhoods – Larceny from vehicles / Not enough public parking
• Boarded-up homes attract drugs and graffiti
• Greenway behind target and new bridge; homeless camps; land owned by railroads that are not responsive to police department
• River Road bike/pedestrian/traffic safety issues
• Corridor bike/pedestrian safety; people not crossing at intersections
• Minnehaha Ave: stoplight synchronization problems on Hiawatha made traffic shift to Minnehaha; increased problems between 28th St and 50th St
• Bike lanes not well separated

Snelling between 42nd and 46th
• A lot of “hanging out”
• Being used as a traffic shortcut; steady complaints
• Stabilizing as properties fill in; “more eyes on the street”

• Separate bike lanes from traffic lanes with a physical barrier
• Use block clubs as a resource
• “Buy for a dollar programs” (foreclosed homes) increase owner occupancy
• Better lighting on greenway east of the new bike/pedestrian bridge
• Better street lighting particularly near grain elevators
• Need better resources for homelessness and alcoholism
• More public parking near LRT stations so people don’t have to walk very far
• Put more eyes on the street

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct community service officers, 5-08

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct community service officers, 5-08

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct police and community service officers

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct police and community service officers, 5-08

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