Sibley Park Corn Feed, 07-25-08

By admin, August 2, 2008 1:31 pm

With support from the Minneapolis Parks staff at Sibley Park, volunteers from the Community Advisory Committee, County, and consulting team set up a table with a large-scale “What do you think?” poster, project map, information flyers, and surveys to gather input from Corn Feed participants. Below is the survey question followed by the input received from approximately 40 people.

What kinds of improvements do you think would create a more vibrant community and increase your quality of life?

Retail, Commercial, Entertainment

  • Things we can walk to
  • I’d love to see more small stores available in the area; it’s highly marketable with the LRT right there; retail does not meet my needs
  • More businesses will attract other stuff
  • Small, local businesses; local non-chain businesses
  • More retail on west side – but hard with LRT
  • More shops that will draw more people, bookstores, specialty shops; wish Everett’s were open longer
  • Little things keep neighborhood nice, like coffee shop (Hiawatha Joe’s is nice)
  • Be like 48th and Chicago
  • More diverse shops
  • More coffee shops; restaurants, ice cream shops and places to hang out with friends and family
  • First floor stores with high quality commercial
  • No more liquor stores
  • Make it a draw for people outside the immediate neighborhood
  • Good family restaurants so I don’t have to go to Highland Park
  • Restaurants; more variety and better dining options; outdoor dining; sit-down family restaurants; more eateries for families (Country Buffet); would like to see supermarket or pharmacy at Nokomis Lakes shopping Center; trendy restaurants, clubs, mixed with small retail
  • Grocery store; larger grocery store so we don’t have to go so far; small grocery
  • Hip hop café for teens
  • Another place to exercise such as a fitness center; the Y is the only option and it’s always packed; new one should be smaller
  • Hair salons
  • Indoor amusement park with ramp
  • Jobs

Community Beautification

  • A waterfall
  • Always more green
  • Better aesthetics
  • Community gardens
  • Do “Adopt the Boulevard” like they do on highways
  • Flowers; flowers, plants, and staff to maintain them
  • Passive green space
  • Have awards or contests for beautification and flowers – look like Paris
  • Landscaping
  • More of the same (land uses) but better
  • Less graffiti
  • More trees
  • Nice looking fountain!
  • Used to have paintings/murals – we liked that!

Community Image

  • Don’t like industrial buildings that look abandoned and are in disrepair with faded paint, etc.- fix it up
  • Fix up factory parking lots – they look crappy, for example on 38th it looks sad!
  • It will be a facelift to the neighborhood to get rid of the silos along Hiawatha
  • It’s getting rundown; it looks rundown; it’s getting seedy
  • Keep nice neighborhoods
  • Make Minnehaha a beautiful street – it could be the spine of the neighborhood
  • Not a nice area
  • Really bad view-doesn’t look good; it is a dump (Hiawatha)
  • Seems as if time forgot it

Sense of Community

  • Make it an easy community to walk around
  • Activities like this to bring community out, together, like they’re part of something – like National Night Out; more events like tonight
  • Someplace to go on the weekends; there’s nothing there for me to go to; we go to Highland
  • Small community parks to bring people together
  • More places and activities for young kids to play
  • More stuff for families; there’s no family environment
  • Community center for kids with structured afterschool programs; community center on Minnehaha
  • Outdoor concerts and activities especially for kids
  • Free wading pools
  • Outdoor movies and fun activities for the children!
  • More places and activities for older kids such as basketball courts
  • More activities for teens
  • Stuff that appeals to teenagers – learning center, computer access
  • Need central places to park and visit
  • Places for music (i.e. amphitheater)
  • Properly fund schools, county, park board because these kids are lost; school system can’t afford to buy all the stuff the kids need for school
  • Reduce taxes
  • Area is so cut off
  • Nice neighborhoods
  • More dog off-leash areas along river


  • More police in parks, security
  • Police presence
  • Safety is the biggest thing; need crime patrols
  • Control crime
  • Enforce the curfew
  • Get rid of the gangs (move them to the suburbs)
  • Better lighting would make it safer
  • Keep out low-income people who bring drugs and gangs
  • Less gangs = no gangs


  • Blend housing into streets
  • Help young and older families keep their homes
  • Accommodate more Mexican people coming in with big families who take care of their homes
  • I’d love to see more single family homes; highly marketable with the LRT right there
  • No condos
  • No more high rises; not a bunch of high rises; not more condos or apartment buildings


  • Accommodate bike traffic along the corridor and make a nice connection to the Greenway; better and safer bike lanes especially for kids; better bicycle facilities; Minnehaha bike lanes are nice, but not perfect; bike parking at shopping locations; bike path; biking and walking paths; could bike path come from Parkway up Longfellow and around Lake Hiawatha and golf course?
  • Better bus service to and from the corridor
  • Parking for LRT riders so not on street all day, everyday in front of homes on 38th St
  • Better connections east-west to neighborhoods
  • Better ways to get across Hiawatha; can’t get across LRT line and Hiawatha; fix traffic on Hiawatha-even before LRT it was hard to cross-now much worse; hard to cross Hiawatha; put train up on bridges or tunnel it so I don’t have to wait to drive across
  • Traffic is a problem; improve traffic
  • Not mass numbers of people – traffic is already bad
  • Keep a main street
  • Like LRT but wish it were on heavy rail tracks
  • More pedestrian friendly-traffic calming
  • More retail would cause more traffic
  • Not one-way streets
  • Would love to be able to take dogs on LRT on at least some cars

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