Community Forum, 11-12-08

By robb, November 26, 2008 10:40 am

The following notes were recorded from participants at the November 12, 2008, Community Forum on the Minnehaha Hiawatha Strategic Development Framework. The notes were generated on post it notes and pasted on various presentation boards and displays. The notes were recorded as written.


Crossing/Driving on Hiawatha
• At East 32nd let west bound traffic cross just before train instead of only east bound traffic. Add turning land back in from east and north.
• IF bridge is impossible consider a well lit pedestrian tunnel
• LRT level pedestrian crossing at Hiawatha and Lake
• One time it took 8 ½ minutes to left turn from 35th onto Hiawatha (westbound)
• Direct traffic off Minnehaha to Hiawatha where it is supposed to be!
• More traffic calming measures on Minnehaha.
• Traffic on Minnehaha due to LRT is unacceptable. Causing increase wear, damage and traffic problems for residents on Minnehaha.
Biking, Trails
• Do not expand # lanes on Minnehaha
• Connect the Minnehaha S bike lanes North to the Greenway, preferably via Minnehaha itself.
• Bicycle commuters want fast, direct routes. Recreational trials don’t work for commuting.
LRT Parking, Maintenance, Stations
• Lighting and security at larger park and ride lots.
• Building more parking lots is not an answer. The point of LRT is that it is an alternative to cars, not a transfer from car to downtown.
Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Corridor
• Parking lots are always full behind the school at LRT and Lake. Need to plan for “park and ride” areas in future LRT Planning.
Pedestrians, Accessibility
• Enforce snow removal laws. Its hard to get to the light rail if the sidewalks are full of snow.
• Make it easier to cross Hiawatha from 46th Street Station at 45th Street. Add more lighting for pedestrians.
• Add buss routes through neighborhood to the U.

Livability, Community Image, Community Identity

Image, Look and Feel
• Do new multi-family buildings need to look cookie-cutter?
• Bump outs and plantings on Minnehaha to create nicer pedestrian environment and shield pedestrians from traffic and noise.
• Higher quality, homey, cute boutique business need to be added…ala 44th and France.
• Homey feel—leave the silos for future grain storage.
• Re-brand Longfellow identity to “Wonderland”
• Develop Longfellow neighborhood identity and brand.
Connections, Opportunities, Relationships
• Neighborhood kiosk at LRT stations listing places nearby.
• Offices on Minnehaha could bring people out throughout the day and create a “full time” neighborhood—and provide customer base for local businesses.
• Fabric shop somewhere … please.
• Trader Joes
• Pedestrian lighting.
• If we buy locally local stores will succeed and there will be cleaner, brighter vistas.
• Quality plantings hanging flower baskets Sanford Job Corps could water them.
• Try to identify reasons to slow down, stop and enjoy the neighborhood (with signs.)
• Close alleys, they breed crime. Agree.
Cleanliness, Nuisances
• People come to the snelling?? (H-M) to dump tires, etc… One neighbor had 50 tires dumped on his lot.
• Much better noise enforcement needed.
• Increase the # of garbage cans on Minnehaha. There is garbage everywhere.
• Thank you for mowing the rail corridor south of 46th Street. Looks Great!
• This area is covered in filth. People’s yards, alleys, streets, etc…
Crime, Safety
• On 36th – 37th and Snelling Avenue, 6 cars were stolen on 18 May 2008 never to be seen again. Went for scrap.
• Traffic on Lake and Minnehaha is really getting congested.
• Unfinished project at 46th attracts crime and graffiti
• Speeding in alley. City should install speed bumps not block club.
• Crazy cop in my driveway that misquoted the law!
• Hypodermic on my stoop. Xmas ???
• Prostitutes/drug dealers in my driveway!
• Alleys are dangerous – cars stolen and broken into.

Land Use and Physical Resources

Industrial and Commercial
• Keep the historic and industrial character of the neighborhood for sense of identity. (Think mill district downtown)
Housing Type, Density, Height
• More condos and apartment complexes with smaller number of units
• More gentrification
• More apartments and affordable housing mixed with condos
• Need more density along the corridor
• Condos add to the mix of housing options let developers do what works.
• We need real density in some areas (10+ stories) – why create underutilized development at LRT station areas?
• I am offended by the suggestion that “Mexicans” don’t take care of their homes.
• The point is being made that they “do” take care of their homes.
Housing Affordability
• Yes!  Affordable housing! Our neighborhood should welcome everybody.
• More affordable apartments near LRT near southern end
• More affordable housing, more condos, more apartments create diverse options.
• Yes affordable housing and higher density mixed-income housing. Diverse housing options-yeah!
• No more tax audits on Section 8.
• Build value of existing housing.
Development, Planning
• Gentrify!

Environmental and Natural Resources

Trees, Landscaping, Community Gardens
• Upkeep on newly landscaped areas. Can community residents help?
Sustainability, “Green” Development, Water/Air Quality
• Take advantage of redevelopment as it occurs and implement storm water volume control – there are so many opportunities in the corridor!
Water Quality
• What will be the cost per unit of pollutant removed for the suggested BMPs?
• Hiawatha and Minnehaha could infiltrate +-1 inch of rain under the road bed when reconstructed. Please do this!
Urban Forest
• What if a home wants to collect solar energy?  (Thermal or Photovoltaic)
• Careful about the new trees and types planted. The crabapple trees on 32nd street look nice when they flower but leave thousands of rotting fruits on the ground.
• More trees please!
• Please fill in the voids with trees.
• No Gingkos on 46th Street please. They are too small for such a big road.
Storm water Management
• Commercial Property Taxes are way to high already. Storm water fees are also a great burden.
• 81% seems very high…why is it so high?
• 1” infiltration regional infiltration along rail corridor. Green alley’s. TMDL’s are going to force it anyway.
• How will infiltration help higher intensity storms? Seems more like a storage issue…not enough area to infiltrate this volume most likely.
• City should be better about incentives for rain gardens. After submitting applications for stormwater credit two times over six months, still no credit. Installed 2 rain gardens on personal property. Make this process more efficient so more will do it.
• Love the green roof idea. Will incentives be offered to promote this?

Economic Development

Small/Local Businesses
• Did we mention a book store?
Development Support
• Façade improvement grants/funding
• Improve look of retail stores on Minnehaha and offer more varied shopping options.
• Big retail, major transit and homes don’t mix—decide which and do it.
Commercial, Industrial
• Local biz/Turtle Bread
• Breadsmith or Great Harvest Bakery
• Trader Joe’s grocery at 46th and Hiawatha (2nd that!)
Restaurants, Bars, Gathering Places
• Please keep Dairy Queen on Minnehaha Avenue facing the Minnehaha Park.
• Move boutique style single owner type business
• We need a grocery store (not an Aldi)
• No drive-thrus!
• More businesses on Minnehaha—there are lots of empty commercial spaces. No fast food chains.
• Developing 27th and Lake into Cinema and entertainment district. Pedestrian friendly.
• Longfellow needs a Gay Bar.
Development Control
• No obnoxious pollution
• Sherman and Associates has a terrible reputation
Education, Support Services, Public Uses
• Ask Minneapolis local business like Bryant Lake Bowl, Red Stag Supper Club, Jardin Magico 38th and Minnehaha is excellent.
Transit-Oriented Development
• More office and institutional space at LRT (particularly Lake Street) would bring more people and create lunch market for businesses.

Cultural, Heritage, Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment
• Coliseum and Oddfellows buildings for arts, music and dance.
• Drive in movie theater
• I second the climbing wall idea for youth
Public and Community Art
• Sculpture garden behind target near Hiawatha
• We need to support arts in Longfellow and Minnehaha Corridor
• More public art, especially sculpture
• This should reflect the growing cultural diversity of the neighborhood
History, Historic Resources
• Keep old buildings
• A museum with this kind fo neat historical information
• Art galleries and cafes
• Public art trees

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