May 2009 Community Conversations

By robb, July 27, 2009 4:42 pm

In May, the County held five “community conversations” to give residents, businesses, and others interested in the Minnehaha-Hiawatha corridor a chance for some detailed discussions on the ISSUES, SOLUTIONS, and OUTCOMES/RESULTS they would like to see in the corridor.

Each “community conversation” included small-group discussions which included the following topic areas:

  • Economic Development 
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Land Use
  • Mobility
  • Social and Cultural Resources

Each of these topic areas was broken into a series of overarching issues based on community input (through May 2009) and previous research conducted in the corridor area.  A list of these issues can be found at Issue Summary.

Community Conversation participants were asked to review the input-to-date and then brainstorm “solutions” and “outcomes/results” in order to fill-in any gaps.

The following PANELS present the results from the Community Conversations.  Each PANEL is a combination of the original community input and the input from the Community Conversations.  Each PANEL includes the overarching issue, as well as the specific ISSUES, SOLUTIONS, and OUTCOMES related to those issues. 

Economic Development Panels
Environment and Natural Resources Panels
Land Use Panels
Mobility Panels
Social and Cultural Resources Panels

Over the coming months the information on these PANELS will be used to give direction in targetting potential projects and investments.  The OUTCOMES/RESULTS specifically will frame how these investments will occur and how the results of these investments will be measured.

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