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46th Street TOD plan available

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By robb, July 31, 2014 12:34 pm

The City of Minneapolis has posted the 46th Street Transit Oriented Development Strategy on its website. The Plan takes a comprehensive look at opportunities in the area, and it recommends short and long-term public and private actions to help realize the vision and policies in the area’s Master Plan.

The link above includes the full plan as well as a summary brochure.

Minnehaha-Hiawatha Historic Interpretive Plan

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By robb, April 20, 2012 11:35 am

Hennepin County has recently hired a team of consultants to create a historic interpretive plan for the Minnehaha-Hiawatha Corridor.  The interpretive plan will identify historic themes that significantly influenced the form and function of the Longfellow neighborhood.  Emerging themes include:

  • Native-American and Early Euro-American Settlement
  • Grain Storage/Milling/Industrial History
  • Transportation and Railroad History
  • The Streetcar and Commercial and Residential Area Development
  • Snelling Avenue and the Early African-American Community
  • The Bungalow: the Minnehaha Hiawatha Corridor and Beyond

The plan will also recommend community locations that would be appropriate for interpretation of the historical themes.  Possible locations include the area near LRT stations, grain elevators, Minnehaha Avenue businesses, and public open spaces.

Some material may be designed for temporary display or rotated so frequent visitors continue to see new things.  The plan will develop a distinctive system of graphics so all interpretive materials are easily identified and connected.

This interpretive plan will build off of previous research on the historic and cultural resources of the corridor, including:

Historic Context Development and Cultural Resources Evaluation – Main Report [7 MB]
Historic Context Development and Cultural Resources Evaluation – Appendices [4 MB]
Snelling Avenue – Research on the History of the African American Community [4 MB]