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City tree sale starts Monday the 17th

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By robb, March 15, 2014 7:21 am

The 2014 Minneapolis City Tree Sale is beginning on Monday, March 17th.  Trees are available for Minneapolis homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits and must be planted on private property in the city.  Sixteen varieties of trees are available, and the trees cost $25.

Improving the urban tree canopy is a key strategy identified through the Hiawatha CARE Project.  The benefits of planting trees include:

  • improving air quality;
  • addressing stormwater;
  • creating habitat for animals;
  • increasing property values; and,
  • savng money on energy bills.

You can check the Tree Trust Project Website for more information on the program, including the types of trees available and an online and paper ordering form.

Community members talk about Strategies to improve health and environment

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By robb, September 13, 2013 11:44 am

We had many great conversations with people from the Longfellow and Phillips area about strategies to improve health and environment in our community.  We asked people to look at our list of 14 strategies, pick the two that are most important to them, and let us know why.  Here is a look at some of the things people said on a few of the strategies:

Community Outreach at Longfellow Cornfeed
Community Outreach at Longfellow Cornfeed 2

Improve access to healthy, affordable food through gardens, farmers markets and urban farms:

  • Local, healthy food is critical for our future.
  • Community gardens are a great way to build better communities and neighborhoods!!
  • There aren’t a lot of options/access for low-income people.
  • I like the idea of diggin’ in the dirt!

Make it safer and easier to walk and bike to places in the neighborhood

  • I want to feel safe walking my dog.  A better sense of community improves safety.
  • To stay safe and exercised.
  • People outside also bring the community together.

Plant more trees

  • Because we need more air from the trees and they just look cool.
  • To save animals homes.
  • Replace all the trees we lost in the storm.

Reduce chemical use in homes and businesses and cut down on improper disposal of hazardous waste

  • Educate people about chemicals in the home – i.e. cleaning products.
  • Stop or slow the use of fertilizer.
  • Chemicals in our water end up in human bodies – many homes / companies could easily reduce.

Support community-based efforts to promote physical activity and good nutrition

  • We need programs that provide thoughtful, culturally sensitive education about food and fitness for kids and families.
  • Educate in the schools on good nutrition choices and physical activity options.
  • Keep kids moving.  We need our kids to livelong healthy lives.

Click on the link to see the full list of comments.

Prioritizing Hiawatha CARE Project Actions

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By robb, August 13, 2013 7:47 am

We have spent the last year talking to people in East Phillips and Longfellow about the environmental and health risks that most concern them. From the list of top 5 concerns, we have come up with 14 different ACTIONS that we could do as a community to improve our health and environment:

Air Pollution

  • Plant more trees.
  • Reduce air pollution from cars and trucks, lawnmowers, wood fires, etc.
  • Work with business and industry to reduce local air pollutants.


  • Reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Support efforts to reduce asthma triggers in the home.

Clean Water

  • Encourage yard-care practices to minimize pesticides and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Reduce chemical use in homes and businesses and cut down on dumping of hazardous waste.
  • Reduce stormwater runoff to rivers, lakes, and creeks.

Economic Instability

  • Encourage people and businesses to buy locally.
  • Support partnerships to improve jobs skills, train workers, and create learning opportunities for all.
  • Support local food production to grow the local economy.

Poor Nutrition and Obesity

  • Improve access to healthy, affordable food through gardens, farmers markets, and urban farms.
  • Make it safer and easier to walk and bike to places in the neighborhood.
  • Support community efforts to promote good nutrition and healthy food.

We are asking for your help in figuring out which of these strategies are most important to the community. Please go to this survey to let us know how much of a priority each of these ACTIONS are for you.