Emerging Themes

By admin, July 21, 2008 10:28 pm

Below are themes that are emerging to date. These will be continually expanded and detailed as community input on issues and priorities continues into spring 2009:

  • People very much appreciate the sense of community and the walkability of the neighborhoods and locally owned businesses and services, but are concerned about pedestrian and bicycle safety between Hiawatha and Minnehaha, especially at night with major roadways, the rail line, and poor lighting
  • There are serious traffic flow problems along Hiawatha due to poor signalization; that also pushes more traffic onto Minnehaha
  • People are concerned about vacant and poorly maintained commercial and residential properties that create a poor community image and discourage new investment; they also attract drug use and graffiti
  • There are continued concerns about crimes against people and property, including at and around LRT stations
  • Hiawatha is a huge barrier between people and communities
  • People desire more trees and other greenery along streets, including Hiawatha, to make the community prettier and more attractive to residents and businesses
  • Community members have very mixed feelings about increased residential density; this may vary by location and current land use
  • Minnehaha Avenue: Some people focused on this being an important connection between the Midtown Greenway and Minnehaha Parkway and as a gateway to Minnehaha Park; some are interested in strengthened and continued high quality development so it’s exciting and vibrant like Grand Avenue in St. Paul (traffic and parking issues would have to be addressed)

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