New Reports Available

By robb, March 3, 2009 11:45 am

There has been a lot of interest in the research studies being done as background for this project.  Many of you had the chance to see presentations and ask questions to the consultants at the November Community Forum.

Now, several of the reports for these concurrent research studies are available via this website:

Cultural Resources Inventory:  This report reviews the early history of the project area and the potential historical/cultural “themes” that should be considered as part of the study process. [File is very large - 12 MB]

Freight Rail Operations in the Corridor:  This report examines current and future rail operations in the corridor.  [File is large - 5 MB]

Minnehaha-Hiawatha Corridor Market Analysis: This report looks at retail and market conditions within the corridor and its retail trade areas. [File is large - 6 MB]

Also, a link to all previous research, planning, and studies done in the corridor can be found under Links to Past Studies.

* If you are having trouble accessing these files, please contact Robb Luckow at the link on the left.

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