Community Forum Provides Chance to Learn and Provide Input

By robb, November 25, 2008 3:27 pm

Thank you to the over 100 community members who participated in the November 12 Community Forum at Sanford Middle School.  Visitors had the chance to review information from concurrent studies and all the community input received to date, contribute their additional ideas, and go to
presentations on a recent railroad study, cultural resources study, and market retail study.  Click on the links below to see more from the Forum:

Comments and Community Input
Comments from Forum Attendees links to comments made by neighbors who attended the Community Forum.
Input to Date links to the input from previous events.

Railroad Study
Rail Corridor Presentation Video [30 minutes long]
Rail Corridor PowerPoint – Part 1
Rail Corridor PowerPoint – Part 2

Cultural Resources Study
Cultural Resources Presentation Video [30 minutes long]
Cultural Resources PowerPoint – Part 1
Cultural Resources PowerPoint – Part 2
Cultural Resources PowerPoint – Part 3
Cultural Resources PowerPoint – Part 4
Cultural Resources PowerPoint – Part 5

Market Study
Market Analysis Presentation Video [30 minutes long]
Market Study PowerPoint – Part 1
Market Study PowerPoint – Part 2


November Community Forum 1 

November Community Forum 2

November Community Forum 3

November Community Forum 4

November Community Forum 5

November Community Forum 6

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