Input from Sibley Park Corn Feed, 7-25-08

By admin, August 4, 2008 9:42 am

The question posed by volunteers from the Community Advisory Committee, County, and consulting team was, “What kinds of improvements do you think would create a more vibrant community and increase your quality of life?”

About 40 people at this event offered their ideas. Responses fell into several categories:  retail/ commercial/ entertainment; community beautification; community image; sense of community; safety; housing; and transportation/traffic. Click here to read detailed input.

Many people wanted more small businesses, a grocery store, and family-oriented restaurants. A number focused on beautifying the corridor area that they thought looked rundown and seedy. Some people highlighted the value of community activities like the Corn Feed and National Night Out that bring people together, and many suggested similar outdoor and indoor activities and opportunities for kids, families, and teenagers.

Some identified safety as the biggest issue and the need for more police presence and crime control. Others focused on more family housing but not condos, high rises, or apartment buildings. Many highlighted the importance of accommodating bike and pedestrian traffic in the corridor as well as the need to find solutions to getting across Hiawatha by car, bike, and on foot.

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