City water main work under Minnehaha Avenue

By robb, May 16, 2014 2:54 pm

The Minneapolis Water department will be cleaning and lining the existing water main that runs on the west side of Minnehaha Avenue.   They will do the section from East 38th Street to Nawadaha Boulevard in 2014 and the section from Lake Street to East 38th Street in 2015.

There are three stages involved in this process.

  1. The City is setting up traffic control and temporary water service, and they are digging access holes in street (10-by-10 foot openings at 500 to 600 foot intervals).
  2. In a few weeks, a contracting crew will use the access holes to clean the water main.  A second crew will follow and spray a cement/mortar lining on the freshly cleaned interior of the main.  Work will continue down the main.
  3. As the contractor finishes its work, City forces will install new main to replace the sections that were cut out and disinfect the entire segment.  When the main is ready for service the holes will be filled and street restored.

Because of the amount of time needed for set up, cleaning and lining, and reinstatement, Minneapolis Water chose to do this work one year prior to the County’s reconstruction of Minnehaha.  The contractor’s work is scheduled to begin on June 3 and finish around July 4.

Properties near access holes will occasionally see no parking signs posted in front of their property for brief periods to accommodate loading and unloading of material.

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