CARE Project Identifies Community’s Priority Risks

By robb, February 8, 2013 12:07 pm

Throughout 2012, the CARE project team talked to hundreds of community members in East Phillips and Longfellow about the risks they face.  Each person rated 20 issues on the impact those issues had on environment and health in the community.

Five issues stood out as high priorities:

  • air pollution and vehicle emissions
  • asthma
  • clean water
  • economic instability
  • nutrition and obesity

In addition, health disparities and environmental sustainability rated highly as guiding principles for this work.

Throughout the spring, the CARE project team will be working with  community members to figure out what we can do together to reduce the impacts of these risks.  The team will look at existing resources and explore other approaches to deal with these risks.

Here’s your chance to get involved! If you are interested in working with us and other community members on one of these issues, contact us at

CARE Project Update Flyer – February 2013

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