What Do You CARE About?

By robb, December 27, 2011 12:46 pm

Last summer, the CARE project team talked to over 700 people living, working, and visiting the Longfellow and Phillips area about the assets and issues facing the community. People we met at the farmers market, community events, libraries, places of worship, and other locations were eager to share their perceptions of the area.

We found that the community’s primary assets are its people, its diversity and its sense of community. People also value the area’s proximity to many destinations — including parks, restaurants, shops, and downtown — and the ability to bike, drive, walk, and use transit to get places. Primary issues that impact the community include access to food, air quality, safety, traffic, and water quality.

We received 100’s of comments on assets and issues in the community – far too many to list out. One helpful way to present a large amount of information is through word clouds. This technique provides a visual depiction of how often people use different words to describe their community — with the size of the word representing its frequency of use.  The two word clouds below depict community members’ comments on community assets and environmental and health issues:

1.  Community Assets in Longfellow and Phillips
Community Assets - Cloud
2.  Environmental and Health Concerns in Longfellow and Phillips
Concerns - Cloud


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