Community Works Principles

By robb, July 28, 2008 7:37 am

Stimulate Employment Development:  The parks and public works projects create jobs by themselves but, more importantly, the physical improvements in neighborhoods create the groundwork and the reason for other long-term investments and for existing businesses to stay. Physical improvements have the potential for developing their own internal capital (currency) and thus new jobs for the neighborhood if coordinated with the appropriate jobs training programs.

Build Bridges for Effective Planning and Implementation:  For the projects and programs to be effective, the financial and human resources must be coordinated at all levels of government into a comprehensive program with multiple goals.

Maintain and Improve Natural Systems:  Developing the natural systems as the underlying structure of a place can provide significant amenities which add value to a community while also reducing the long-term cost of infrastructure.

Strengthen Communities through Connections:  The Commission discovered that those parks and public works projects which strengthen linkages to other communities; to urban resources, networks and systems; and to the natural environment create the highest long-term value and sustain the highest property values.

Enhance the Tax Base:  Compelling historical data indicate that parks and public works projects which are integrated with the natural and man-made infrastructure of the community and are coordinated across jurisdictional boundaries should enhance the common tax base of the county.

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